Going beyond sports and into the sport!

Badminton is the new cricket.

In our country, like most countries, there is a favourite sport. One that is played and enjoyed across regions, economic statuses, genders and mostly, on its streets.

“Cricket” has enjoyed this status in our country for eons. And we have also gained international recognition through our achievements in cricket alone.

However, the one other sport that is now closer in its popularity and recognition on national and international platforms is “Badminton”.

India has created its own niche in the national and international circuit in present times with its quality of play, players and the sport it itself. The wikipedia link below shares the status of badminton in our country and the players who have put us on the international map.


Through the journey of Aparna Popat, who is a former Indian badminton player, has represented India in multiple international sporting events like 2000 & 2004 Olympics, Asian and Commonwealth Games and winner of 9 consecutive national badminton championships, the conversation moves from playing the sport to beyond the sport.

Start low aim high 

For pro sports kids, this empowering conversation might help to achieve their goals with people like Aparna Popat who have risen from the times when the sport was not only low in its popularity but also very basic in terms of the facility provided for it.

The one thing to always begin with is respect for the sport, your seniors and coaches. The kind that never dies even if you are on the same level as them in terms of your achievements.

Everything can be achieved through hardworking and patience even things as simple as observing your coaches and holding your racket correctly can make a big difference to the way you play it. Slowly building your up towards your goal is as good or perhaps even better than directly aiming for the top.

Aparna Popat has worked throughout her life trained 7 days a week for 5-6 hours a day to come to where she stands now.

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” – Billie Jean King

never give up, never give in, never quit.

It does not matter when or where or how you start, what matters is that, you start. Actually having the courage to go face someone on the other end of the court, that is the beginning to which there can be no end. The possibilities to reach beyond limitations.

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