Pain: Physical pain is a very powerful leveler!

Physical pain is such a powerful leveler. No matter who you are or at what stage or place in life. Pain breaks you down and it grounds you like no other spiritual, cosmic or metaphysical thing can. It brings you down to yourself. To be intensely present with your body and your own being.

Pain penerates deep.

Pain has a way of getting to you mentally first and then emotionally. It is almost like a nerve carrying pain directly to your brain and overwriting the wiring. The threshold of enduring their physical pain has often surprised most people. And at the same time, some break down from their beliefs of the pain they thought they could tolerate.

“ Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”    
Khalil Gibran

Once the mental breakdown happens, it becomes emotionally wrenching. There is questioning about life at most extremes.

It is akin to when we attend a funeral and when we return, we question the quality of our own life. We ask emotional questions like, who loves me? Who would cry or lament over me, Or miss me when I am no more? To some more deep-rooted ones like, what is the value of my life? What am I living for? Who am I being?

pain is revealing

Physical pain makes us question our own lives. Incapacitation makes us feel more dependent. And also more vulnerable than we ever feel. And it changes us. Like author John Green quotes in his book “The fault in our stars”, he writes,

“Grief does not change you, Hazel. It reveals you.” 

In the same way, physical pain does not break us, it reveals to us our inner strength. That, of what we can endure and the strenght we carry within us. When we are unable to be as ‘normal’ as we usually are. This physical pain collapses us, both physically and mentally and then emotionally.

Love and compassion can heal all wounds.

It is in these moments when we feel the need for people around us. Far more than we do in our daily lives. Family to love, partners to care, friends to cheer us up, colleagues to understand and fill in for us and so many other kinds of relationships.

There is so much we want, we desire and we expect from people around us. And also when we truly realize their value in our lives. These are moments when we are most vulnerable and willing to take help from anyone who comes forth. These are also times when we feel our voids for the people missing in our lives.

Compassion digs deeper than the wounds.

Receiving love and care melts away and heals our deepest wounds. We as humans crave physical touch. Physical touching connects us to our body, to us being alive and present. It is one of our largest sensory organs, our skins, which is also very receptive. And thus, a warm hug, a gentle caress, wiping off a tear everything becomes a heightened experience and penetrates the deepest layers within us.

In pain we let go, and also discover.

It is during experiences of these intense physical pains that our ego drops. We become completely spaced. We are just as we are. There is no solidity of the past. Only us in our bodies, aware and present.

Only a feeling. One that is changing us subtly. The sound of every sigh and moan in pain penetrates deeper and deeper within us. And that is when it is a leveler. When we are shaken out of our demeanor is when we reach the depths of our own being.

So is there something we can do to change this? Is there something we do to prepare ourselves? How much can we prepare, mentally or emotionally, unless we actually experience what the pain truly is?

Maybe not, however, there is one thing that can make some change in it. Gratitude. It is in these intense moments when we have the most gratitude for having all that we always had, all that we have or will have. And, for everything that we took or take for granted in our lives. Gratitude has a place in everything. Maybe even that last dying breath could never be thankful enough. And so it is with pain, the level that the pain takes us to can become a life-changing experience. One that grounds us. One that levels us-with gratitude!

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