Discover your self through traveling.


Traveling is not about a destination, it is a journey into itself. There are so many who are bitten by wanderlust around us. Those who can’t stop raving about how powerful it is to travel. How very revealing it is…of our own self, when we travel, we explore, we discover and we unbox ourselves beyond our comfort zones.

Traveling is certainly about the exotic locations. Or, finding the hidden, untouched, pure, sublime new places and people or cultures. And, it is also about making that road trip back and forth to the office or school or whatever the place maybe.

And, every single journey would be a different one. We would experience a different version of our selves every time we step out of the comforts of our place.

Traveling reveals us.

It is the process towards self-discovery. Everything from how we plan, what we choose, how we choose…the entire process, is an insight into who we are. What we are willing to be. And how far we are capable of stepping out of the known into the unknown.

Traveling brings into our lives stories of our journeys that we can talk about for hours at end with friends and family and strangers. Because they have us as lead roles in them.

We can have all kinds of stories. Some happy, sad, horror, crazy, funny…so many many more…and yet, each one of them is special, because it has us in it. What we live and re-live through them reveals to us, a little bit more about us, each time we say it and hear it.


Explore here is not only about places or things or people, but, explore yourself. Ask questions, who am I here? who am I being? Where am I in this?

The most important element to any discovery or self-discovery is that of being present. When we are present, we are alive to experience what it is, as it is.

Asking questions reveals us, not seeking answers.  Answers will only limit us to that definition of it, but questions expand us beyond those limitations. When we ask questions, we get an awareness, that which is true to us. That which is real to us. And trusting that awareness becomes a part of our own empowement and growth.

Explore the journey, be present in it and it will reveal secrets about you that will surprise you too.

Someone might turn out to be more adventurous than they thought they could be. Some totally fearless and then so many who may be playing safe. Pre-planning. Pre-booking…connecting all the dots.

This also gives us an insight into the kind of people we usually are under circumstances or as planners or even in our own lives.

unbox yourself 


Comfort zone for all of us is the space where we relax and find solace in. It can be a place, food, person, object or anything that spells comfort for us. It is “our” zone and we find is most difficult to step out of it. However, like everyone on the journey would say, “life begins at the other side of your comfort zone”.

When you are facing the parts of you that you may have not discovered or even acknowledged as yet, it slides us back into our comfort zone. To become aware of our own different versions itself is a greater revelation. And again that leads towards self-discovery. 

Un-boxing yourself is a gift. It is life changing and life altering. Knowing there are possibilities beyond limitations opens up a whole new dimension for us. Again all of this need not be related to a travel alone, it could be all of it on your daily path to and fro home. Maybe taking a different path, or mode of transport, or stopping by and having a cup of coffee (or whatever is your choice of beverage, foods, books…) All of this is a journey unto itself.

Unbox yourself. What you do or how you do, is a choice only you can make.

because no man is an island unto himself

Discover… YOURSELF. 

Because no man is an island unto himself.

Travel. Explore. Discover. Unbox comfort zone travelling

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