#METOO a movement: again and again.


#METOO again and again and again. When does it end?

#metoo is a movement that is slowly penetrating our lives. None of us can sweep it under the carpet anymore. So what can we do to change and contribute to it?

What changes can we make as a society to support these victims? To educate ourselves so that we can eradicate it from the grass root levels?

Also, how can #METOO change into a #MENEITHER or #MENEVER because we are educated and empowered.

What if we can come together towards creating a gender neutral and gender equal world. One where neither gender is screaming out to be seen or heard.

So many questions, and so many possibilities. All we require is for each one of us to know that we can contribute to this. Yes, as an individual too. We do not always as a movement or active demonstrations, but perhaps subtly. Through the right education, the basics. 

We can make a change by not judging. We may or may not support, but let us not judge them or ridicule either.

Let us shut down the voices in our heads first, and come clean in our own slates. 

are you a victim: https://sonalliguptaa.blog/2018/11/02/are-you-a-victim/


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