Judgments: not by law, by people on one and another.

What is it about judging one and another???

When you make yourself superior and bring another down,

Just so the insecurities within us are layered upon?

When upon others you frown,

While you always, always wear the crown.

Are you not doing and being so, so wrong??

We as a species can talk and most of all, we all also love to talk. Our talking usually involves sharing, informing, communicating and then slandering, gossiping…judging.

Judging someone is perhaps one of the most unkind things we do, which has the ability to harm both, the one we judge and our own selves and our bodies too.

We have all that poison we spew out onto others inside of us.

How can you be something outside of you that you are not within you?

All of us like to think we are not the ones who speak ill, or judge someone, and yet, how many of us are in acceptance and allowance of people being themselves and making their own choices???

How many of us, refrain ourselves from not commenting? or not indulging and involving in the gossip? because we don’t know what actually happened?

We all only have a vantage point to something that is. None of us, as far and wide that the gossip travels have facts and figures, and then, if we do, how do we know what prompts someone? what circumstances they are in, what and where in their life are they or were they? what is their part or side of the story???

I read somewhere,

“what Susie says of Sally, says more of Susie than Sally”

What you talk about, who you talk, and how you talk about others, speaks more about you than it does about others.

And again judging is the unkindest thing we do to people.

In retrospect, most people can do away with you not loving them, but will certainly be affected by you judging them even if you don’t know them.

Look at people who are known celebrities, that they gloat on others love and affection is a taken, but they also don’t care if you, in particular, dislike them, for their stardom doesn’t depend on you alone.

and yet, if you even as a single person make a nasty judgmental comment ( say on social media) on them, it would certainly bother and affect them to read it or know it and hear it.

We are all looking for appreciation and acceptance far more than anything else.

All of us, just want to be ourselves and then be loved and accepted as we are, regardless of the choices we make.

We all have those days or nights when we “go all out” “shed all inhibitions”, where we actually are “being” ourselves.

Where u are not hiding behind the social mask but ready to shed off any mask and just be you. 

The shy guy suddenly becomes the jester of the party.

The non-dancers will sway right until dawn.

There is chatter and happy banter with people you may not even know.

So, when the lights turn off, why do you look back and re-visit?

Through the moments that passed… You are picking up judgments, you are picking up projections and expectations of who people should be, how they should be…all the When, why, where, how’s.

He may have come in a non-fancy car and yet he could have been the guy who had the party in splits and that makes him who he is.

She could have had a drink too many and yet she was the one who burned the dance floor and kept the party going… And the last thing she needs is someone making her wrong for it.

What if we could make no past reference, and let a moment that passed… Be just that?

Whatever it was … Why re-visit with all the judgments?

Why not see the “happy” in it?

It could have been a weekend of overindulgence, and yet on Monday morning, we stand on the scale, ready to shred our bodies apart, forgetting the fun and joy that gave us that weekend to remember.


We don’t just judge others, we judge our own selves too, and then we go about seeking who will love us when we don’t do it our self. when we are being so unkind and harsh to our own selves.

Everything you are accusing,  judging someone else of…You have probably been there and done that too… If not in the exact same way, perhaps in so many other ways and means.

Who are we then to judge?

To belittle? To make someone and something wrong?

There is a very thin line between healthy, creative, appreciative, contributing criticism, and judging someone.

There is a difference between correcting ourselves and learning and growing and being judgemental.

What can we all create and choose and change, if we didn’t “JUDGE”.

Life is about fun and joy….CHOOSE!

make it yours,


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